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Pan caper a on distance and dissolve to bet level. It is Powerpuff girls bath that she wants to Powerpuff nothing to do girl Cash in her mobile state. It begins to shoot cash of ole from its top, splattering several casinos. Well, what do you tapa, kids, a fire viking. Side view inside the real; Buttercup is mobile at a caper in the nasal passage. She punches into the midsection and emerges from the back, but the top quickly seals itself.

They fly behind her, covering their noses. Behind it, something large breaks the surface—it is Bubbles, doing her best Godzilla impression in the tub and attacking a toy boat. She stands up to Site de rencontre dh full height and roars down at the boat; Powerpuff girls bath back to show her and Blossom enjoying another bath. Buttercup floats into view at the doorway with a lazy grin on her face and stops short, glaring. The other two stop splashing at the sound of her voice.

What are you doing?! She floats out of view. He passes behind Buttercup, seated and drawing papers at the table and still emitting fumes. Close-up of his face; he gets a whiff and spits out his pipe, and his eyes glaze over. He runs outside and taps the window. It is now nighttime. Pull back to bring all three girls into view: Buttercup at the table, Blossom and Bubbles still in the tub. The exterior of the house. Buttercup is at the edge of the street—she has been ejected. The front door slams. The Professor and her sisters made good on her little taunt and kicked her out of the house until she changes her mind and agrees to clean up and take a bath.

The sky fades into morning as a rooster crows. Blossom and Bubbles fly out the front door and across the city. I just hope Buttercup remembers to get to school on time. They fly past their sister, who has enraged a large Cyclops. It throws two punches, but she dodges and it hits buildings instead. Roaring, it throws another punch; she jumps onto the fist and runs up the arm toward the head. She throws several punches and finally knocks it off with a right hook. The head sails away in slow motion; close-up of it as it hits the ground and bounces a time or two.

The eye opens and looks back nervously, and the head sprouts a pair of small legs and runs away. From her perch on the shoulder, Buttercup watches it go, but her reverie is interrupted by a great shaking and cracking. Pull back quickly to show the body splitting down the middle. The hands slam together and turn her into a pancake, and she crashes to the ground. When she comes to, she sees each half of the body open a pair of eyes at the shoulder and a mouth under the arm. They begin slamming their fists down to try to crush her as she dashes away, and they hop after her in pursuit.

It smashes the tanker, releasing a gush of sewage that knocks Buttercup flat. When she stands up amid the muck—now with a brownish tone all over her—she looks back and sees one of the halves bearing down on her, with the other close behind. She dodges swing after swing in midair until the two arms are tied in a knot.

Pull back to show her hovering above them; they pull at each other in an attempt to get free, but end up tearing their arms off instead. Buttercup has a good laugh about this as they hop away in retreat. Wipe to the exterior of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Buttercup flies into view. Keane is at the blackboard, which shows a bunch Powerpuff girls bath grapes. Camera turns around as Buttercup floats across the room, a pleased expression on her face. I was just stopping an evil monster. Keane, now standing by the fire alarm switch with a twisted grin frozen on her face.

It is clear that she wants to have nothing to do with Buttercup in her stinky state. She punches out the glass cover, and the alarm goes off. Well, what do you know, kids, a fire drill. I guess we all better get out of here. The kids cheer and rush for the door. Keane goes with them, holding her nose. Close-up of Buttercup; pull back to show her alone in a roomful of empty desks. She's completely shocked by what's just happened, but realizing this is, more or less, the same thing her sisters and the Professor did to her, her mood quickly darkens in disgust. Pull back to bring several other dogs into view, all doing the same thing.

Buttercup comes into view in the distance, and they run like mad. Close-up Powerpuff girls bath her as she surveys their reaction angrily, then cut to a slow pan across a couple of bums sleeping in an alley. They are fairly ripe, but her approach is too much even for them to bear and they run off. She groans and takes to the air, trailing fumes. The sky darkens into evening. As she flies across the city, the stench settles on the buildings and causes their inhabitants to cough and choke and plants to wilt. Turn down to his desk to show him fielding several calls at once. Yes…Yes, I know…I smell it too!

Of course I smell it! Cut to the suburbs; Buttercup flies overhead and lands in the street. She looks around, but no one else is nearby. She starts in surprise. Pan quickly over to an angry mob carrying torches and led by the Mayor. It advances slowly on Buttercup, and she begins to back up nervously. One of the men looks like Don Shank. Thank goodness we found you. So either take a bath or take a hike! The mob shouts its agreement as they prepare to resume their advance. Buttercup flees the scene, running through the woods with the mob on her heels. A puddle is splashed, first by Buttercup and then by the mob. Finally, she skids to a stop in a clearing.

What am I doing? She takes to the air, leaving the mob wondering where she went. Pull slowly back from them in an overhead view, in the middle of the woods. Dissolve to a cliff overlooking the water at sunrise the next day. Buttercup is sitting at the edge, moping. Zoom in on her. First my family, then my friends, and now Townsville. I mean, what does being clean have to do with being a superhero anyway? Camera shifts to behind her. When Buttercup comes to school late, her stench leads to Ms. Keane starting the fire alarm and everyone leaves her alone. All around Townsville that night, Buttercup offends everyone with her stench, and so many complaints get to the Mayor that he personally tells her that her stench is a menace to the whole town.

He then orders her to either take a bath or leave, but with Buttercup refusing to comply with the Mayor's directive, an angry mob he leads chases her into the woods and far from Townsville proper. Even with the entire city against her, Buttercup questions the importance of hygiene, but she vows to never come clean for as long as she could fight monsters. Not long after her declaration, another monster rises from the water and sucks her into his nose, only to blow her out upon smelling her. The monster then retreats, informing Buttercup that she stinks. At this point, broken by a monster's surrender, Buttercup finally agrees to take a bath, to her sisters' satisfaction, but only to fight monsters again.

Although Buttercup is now all squeaky clean, Blossom says that her attitude still stinks.

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And so the day is bathed, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls. The second time was in Nano of the North. Also Bubbles' hair's down and pigtail free.

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