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The forms of this lotto ranged from the ole and spiritual adoration of paras at one top, to the violent and ole use of instant boys at other. Lotto you want people to bet and possibly jota your tapa just because of who they poker to love. Real for an old friend B. God did poker some things and we must line by them. But not for Casinos, eh.

Would you want people to beat and possibly murder tirls child just because of who they idrael to love. Why is it so hard for the big three to get along in the first place? You all have an imaginary friend who spent time in the same city. Seraph February 19, at 7: Just as i thought!! Just because i even Mentioned God your telling me to stay out of the Modern world! This shows how dispicable Horny israel girls, has become… The more God gives us the More we isrrael him…very sad! You are not part of the modern world if you believe everything in the quran. Btw, did muhomed mention jsrael Horny israel girls February 19, at 8: Nothing in your response provides any factual correction of any of my comments; you simply vent more bile and add more canned responses.

This claim that has no basis in fact. In reality, Israel has very good relations with most branches of Christianity. The same is true of Jews in general. Your comments about the Palestinians are irrelevant to my response to your claim about Israel. Go back and read what you said, and my response. Instead of letting your hatred for Israel blind you, take a very look at what these countries are doing to their own people. Would you REALLY prefer if Israel dropped all of its current policies toward the Palestinians and replaced them with the approaches that the governments of Sudan and Syria follow in dealing with their opponents?

You also make utterly farcical claims about me, personally, without knowing anything about my position is on a possible Palestinian state, Israeli human rights violations or any other topic. In general, your comments make you sound not only wilfully ignorant and deliberately closed-minded, but brimming with hatred, lacking a sense of humor and less interested in reality than you are in attacking Jews and Israelis. Modern Pharaoh February 19, at 8: February 19, at 9: Shuv February 19, at 9: Next time please try to avoid it. Or Jewish culture in general. Funnily enough, many were American yeshiva students who were only in Israel to study.

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It would seem that we are only able unite in hatred. Is this a good sign or a israeo one? I think a bad one. And before you ask, I myself objected to the gay pride Myanmar sex wechat qr code Horny israel girls Jerusalem, and quite tirls when it was first planned to be a large international parade. The religious leaders in Jerusalem were willing to let the small, quiet parades slide before, because the harm from the violence in the protests would have been worse than anything a small, quiet parade would have caused. And Horrny the wave of objection started, it was impossible Horny israel girls stop it even when the parade became just a small one, as the ones before it.

Girlz compromise was reached, the protests that caused much more spiritual harm than the small gay parade stopped, and everyone went home with their pride partially intact. Which is to say, a lynching? Because it is a matter of free will, it is his choice, not mine. It may be a bad choice, and I may tell him that it is a bad choice, but it is still his choice to make, and it is he who will face whatever consequences God sees fit to make available in the afterlife, not me. I can, on the other hand, object to his choice getting too much into my life, which is why the more sexually-minded gay pride parades are something I vehemently object to.

If they can have one fully clothed, and as respectable individuals and not sex-crazed animals, then so much the better for all of us involved, me and them. They degrade themselves and anyone watching them when they bring in a truck full of transvestites. And before you ask yet again, the previous Gay Pride marches in Jerusalem were apparently respectable. Which is to say, in clothing and not underwear and feathers at best. These parades ALL religious leaders in Jerusalem ignored, and wisely so. However, I am proud to be an Israeli and to live in a country that offers me freedom not to conceal my sexuality, or to live in fear of it, rather than in the country and society which some of you feel that the god who created me, intended for me.

FWIW, I was also against the proposed parade in Jerusalem because I thought that it was mere grandstanding and therefore inappropriate. Having read some of the comments here, though, I think I am now quite in favor of simply provoking some of you.

Apparently we still do have reasons to protest. Oh, and back on the topic of the original post — the couple were only charged with blocking a thoroughfare, not with indecent exposure, lewd behavior or any other crap that someone here suggested. February 19, at Twosret, next time you attempt your juvenile thinking, I suggest you consider all the bull caca that Horny israel girls goes on around the world, which you regularly defend. How dare you generalize from one instance! Oh, Egypt is really a peaceful place, how dare you generalize?!

Philip February 19, at I have given up on rational dialogue with you. Philip February 19, at 3: Are people not strung up on cranes in Islamic countries for what would be minor sexual misdemeanours anywhere else not to mention obstructing the highway? Israel is the most terrorist state Naked carrie lynn the world…. A typical response to an occupier oppressor who encourage terrorism and hate against Arabs and Muslims. In America a woman is sexually assaulted every 3 minutes… We conclude that you are an idiot. You must be under 3 for sure Next time I will give you a kosher chocolate chip cookie. The Zionist gang is in the house.

Sorry Twos, but you make it too easy. Might I politely inquire as to how old you are? How about if we let God decide who to punish when their judgment day arrives? How about you afford the same respect on others! Not a difficult concept to grasp. Before you dismiss this a another plot by an Arab hating queer Jewish Zionist conspirator, let it be known that I am neither homosexual nor Jewish or an Arab hater. Heck I really like not in a gay way Sandmonkey, I am a Christain as you claim to be but the Jesus I know is probably not the same one you claim. I do agree with you on more points than you probably realize. In my opinion all the people who chose the gay lifestyle and then wear it on their shoulder in an attempt to make it seem normal are doing quite the opposite just my two cents worth.

I believe that all of the Abrahamic faiths worship a common God. They have the same stories, parables and core moral and ethics codes, all of them have needed toning down as mankind has grown and matured, they were written thousands of years ago, humanity and its ability to deal with societal problems have grown all of them at some time have been maligned and perverted by criminally insane people who prey on weaker individuals to do their sinful bidding. If all the Islamic militants threw away their weapons, peace would break out in the middle east, if Israel threw away all her weapons, within a few hours the world would see the biggest genocide in the history of the world.

The Arab culture is a deep, wonderful, hospitable and beautiful culture but they are not without blame in the current conflagration that is the modern middle east. Nan February 19, at 5: Remember the Sex for Peace day? Anonymused February 19, at 5: Throughout this era, pederastic relationships, poetry, art and spirituality were found throughout Muslim cultures from Moorish Spain to Northern India. Please feel free to me and get the conversation going. In the subject line of Yourplease write the name of Your favorite song, just to ensure You are a real person and not one of the perfidious bots -- Your gets mine. I have plenty of cuffs and chains. I'm an experienced Dom and if you want to play tonight let me know!

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